We rebuild the machines that you entrust to us, bringing all our know-how.

Our wide-ranging experience in cheese spread production guarantees the successful rejuvenation of ageing machinery.

We rebuild your machines to as new standard and make all the necessary improvements for increased productivity.


We increase the performance of your production tooling and the quality of your finished products.

Kinetic adjustment of the grouping and removal station increased the rate of this cheese spread packaging machine by more than 40% while also improving the quality of the finished product.

See our improvements for yourself:

Before at 71 strokes/mn … After at 100 strokes/mn



We can develop prototypes to validate your new production processes.

We produce the tooling for your machinery to produce new products.

Custom-built machines

Based on your specifications, we can design your workstations, and automate the feed, inspection and removal stations of your machines.

Based on a description of your requirements, we can create machines to meet your new needs, thus improving your productivity.

This diagram depicts a food product recycling machine: